Fifth Column Design Studio | Vadodara | Recycled Plastic Sheets
Fifth Column in a Design Studio based out of Pratap Nagar, Vadodara (Baroda).
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Recycled Plastic Sheets

Product design
About This Project

The Idea of designing an Office workstation was primarily for our own studio. Reflecting the same problem, we thought of designing an affordable for any young start-ups like us who certainly need workstations but without going hefty on their pockets. Replacing the normal wooden/ laminated tops which other workstations offer, we wanted to integrate an experimental solid surface made out of recycled plastics. Eventually, producing a workstation which will be quite affordable and knocked down ensuring easy Installation on the site. Beyond from the basic functionality such as wire management, Modularity etc., there should be feeling which should be evoked subconsciously within the user. With our design, we want that feeling to be as a responsibility towards environment, nature and aspires one to do good work.


The inspiration of working with recycled plastic came from a forum called Precious plastic community. Dave hakkens, the founder of precious plastic, introduced DIY machines for reprocessing plastics. This led us to experimenting with melting waste products in the domestic ovens. The whole awareness of using recycled plastics into day to day products, and we took this as a challenge to slowly help establish the relation and acceptance of the material with the people. Acceptance of such recycled materials into our daily lives might be a step in pushing the smaller dominos for a gradual, but bigger change and we want to be a part of this change.