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Fifth Column in a Design Studio based out of Pratap Nagar, Vadodara (Baroda).
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Heat Press Machine

Product design
About This Project

The Heat Press machine was developed in conjunction with Godrej Design Lab for the purpose of producing Recycled plastic slabs for our small home experiment to a bigger and more commercial level, and for trying evolving different application with the plastic sheets. For its merely a prototype machine, built for experiment purpose, it has its own advantage and disadvantages such as high energy consumption and lack of cooling system makes it slow to cool down. The advantage being that it was relatively easier to replace heating coils at the time of short circuit or heater over burn failure, compared to its previous iteration kept it on sustainable front for experimenting. The heat press consists of certain important parts such as structural plate with manual vertical screw movement, polished top plate which will be in direct contact with the plastic granules, polished travelling tray which can be slid out to collect or refill the material, heating coils, heat controller module, chassis, leg structure etc.


The shredded plastics are put into the travelling plate where human engagement is vital as placing the granules/shredded plastics should be even in order to avoid any major overflow from the travelling tray. For producing one sheet, the process is time consuming, as it takes approximately 3 hours. From heating to baking time and final cooling The series of experimentation depends a lot on the way we insert raw materials, the time factor and the even heating throughout the time of baking the sheets.