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Diversity Fifth Column is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Vadodara, India. The studio was established by Abhay Panchasara in 2014 primarily as an Architecture and Interior Design firm and a year later, Furniture and Product design discipline was co-founded by Jaymin Panchasara. Over the years the studio has thrived with an energetic team of architects lead by both brothers along with Ashna Patel the senior Architect at the studio. The distinctiveness of the studio is its focus on diverse scale of projects ranging from a single piece of furniture, its series, to architectural and urban design projects, spanning variety of cultures, landscapes and climates. Simultaneously the studio is engaged with diverse range of clients including governmental and non-governmental bodies, corporates, builders, private clients as well as furniture and product manufacturers. Approach Each project is seen as a challenge and an opportunity that runs across rigorous analytical exercises and intense process which results in a comprehensive design result. The studio strongly believes not getting into a style or a language, while each design problem is examined at a fundamental level, the studio aims to address characters and the potentials of the project and embracing it into the design. All the projects are worked highly on a participatory level with the clients, engineers, specialist consultants and not the least the local craftsmen, taking everyone’s contribution on the journey of the design process. Collaborative Practise The philosophy of the studio firmly believes and highly advocates in team work and collaboration with experts of various respective fields. While at the same time the team at Fifth Column is blessed to have mentorship of seniors, colleagues as well as the design fraternity which continuously makes everyone at the studio as learners and listeners. Amongst all the soul of the studio, Prof. Gurdev Singh, an architect and a maestro academician, awarded ‘lifetime teaching Award’ by the Institute of Architects provides senior leadership in the profession. His immeasurable valuable inputs in all the design process takes the studio a notch above in the learning and understanding of profession. Honours Over the past few years, with several collaborations and mentorship Fifth Column has been recipient of various national and international awards. It was nominated as the ‘best young practise’ in Vadodara in year 2016-17. Finalist – Urban Design – Occupational Competition, 2014 Finalist – Indian National War Museum. - 2016 * Finalist – Prime Ministers Museum, Delhi - 2018 * Winner – International School, Pondicherry - 2013 * Winner – Godrej Design Lab - 2016 Winner – Madan Mahal Eco-Tourism Project by, Jabalpur Smart city – 2018 ** Nominee - German Design Award 2019 Winner – World Environment School, Coorg - 2018* *with Aakar Design and mentorship of Prof. Gurdev Singh. ** with Umbrella Design. The Team Abhay Panchasara Abhay is a practicing architect and director at Fifth Column. Born in the family of carpenters he grew up around hammers, nails and machines that moulded the wood to timber, very often his Sundays were spent at his father’s wood workshop if not on the cricket field. This shaped him up to understand the process and know-how of making and lead him to study Architecture at the renowned School of Architecture CEPT university in Ahmedabad. He was chosen for the 2009 Ermanno Piano Scholarship, Jury’s Award of Kshitij Jain Award 2010. In the course of his working career Abhay interned at the Renzo Piano Building Workshop at Paris which moulded his sense of design and attention to details. During his practise he has attended the workshop with the Masters students at Dessau International Architecture Graduate school. His keen interest in practising in all the spectrum of scales keeps him involved in all the projects in the office. An avid traveller, sports lover Abhay enjoys his hands-on character in his father’s workshop along with keen interest in motorbikes and building cycles. Ashna Patel Ashna is an architect, academician and director at Fifth Column. Excelling in multiple directions in her schooling days, Ashna chose Architecture as her core profession. She holds an undergraduate degree from CEPT University, Ahmedabad and a postgraduate degree in International Architectural Regeneration and Development from Oxford Brookes University. During her postgraduate programme in 2016 Ashna was awarded the Santander Student Project Grant to present regeneration proposals for the World Heritage City of Évora, Portugal and the Sahapedia-UNESCO Fellowship for research in Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2018. She currently practises at Fifth column on various Urban – Tourism projects and simultaneously teaches in the Masters program in Conservation and Regeneration at CEPT University and at the School of Environmental Design and Architecture at Navrachana University, Vadodara. Her research interests include approaches to urban regeneration, particularly, tourism and culture led regeneration, heritage conservation and reinterpretation of traditional architecture in contemporary design. Ashna is devoted yoga practitioner and a part-time faculty and volunteer with the Art of Living foundation since 2012. She enjoys travelling, reading and music. Her interest in the profession, academics and spirituality helps her strike a much-needed balance in life. Jaymin Panchasara Jaymin is an industrial and furniture designer committed to a holistic approach to design, considering all the possibilities of design. Jaymin graduated in Industrial Design from the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. Jaymin’s passion for design and objects with history comes from his childhood who from an early age instilled in him the value of handwork and unique objects. After graduating from his studies, Jaymin has specialized in the design of furniture and products for the home and office, although he is a multidisciplinary designer, as in his years of professional activity, he has also explored other areas of design such as 3D printing or product photography. In addition to his own studio, Jaymin has done some internships and freelance design work, as well as collaborations with companies in India and China that have served as a stimulus and motivation to improve himself day by day and be better at his job. Jaymin’s love for gastronomy keeps him busy equally at the pantry as on his workstation. His passion for automobiles and space travel is just below Mr. Musk. 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Note : All the Internship positions for the current semester – June to December 2019 have been filled up. We regret for being unable to reply to each of the emails that we have received.



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