Fifth Column | Wormhole
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Furniture Design
About This Project

The Combination of Chair and table was designed for the Italian Brand ‘Infiniti”. The Project has to Involve Chair + coffee Table. The company chose a theme that revolves around a break time, the coffee break; a moment that can be shared with friends and colleagues, a moment of relaxation and conviviality. The ‘Wormhole’ is a full plastic stackable Chair + Coffee table system. The overall form of the chair is inspired from the theory of Wormhole.
Made from full polypropylene plastic via injection molding technique, the furniture can be used in Indoor and Outdoor scenarios. Retaining the values of Infiniti brand, the form has been derived in a way to allow the furniture to fit into any age groups. The interplay of the form and the colors bring out the joy factor and compliments the small breaks in the busy life of the people.

Collaborative project with Vivek Prakash and Akshit Dhiman.