Fifth Column | Toy Chair
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Toy Chair

Furniture Design
About This Project

The Combination of Chair and table was designed for the Italian Brand ‘Infiniti”.
The Project has to Involve Chair + coffee Table. The company chose a theme that revolves around a break time, the coffee break; a moment that can be shared with friends and colleagues, a moment of relaxation and conviviality.
The ‘TOY’ is a stack able furniture system consisting a Chair + Coffee Table based on the simple concept of ‘Snap-Fit’. Keeping in mind the brand values of Infiniti, the toy offers infinite possibilities of expressions for anyone, anywhere in the world. The toy is highly adaptable to any kind of community spaces, thanks to its snap fit module system with the help of which a user can customize the look and feel of the furniture system according to the spaces where it is required to be served as a community, be either indoor or outdoor. The legs, the base and the top being able to be assembled without any fasteners or joints, gives the user, a freedom to play with different materials seamlessly. This makes every part replaceable and improves the life of the furniture.

Collaborative Project with Vivek Prakash and Akshit Dhiman.